Ever since the end of the Chelish Civil War in 4640 ar, the thrice-damned House Thrune has, with the aid of the church of Asmodeus, controlled the empire of Cheliax without fail. But in the current year, a series of events finally challenges that rule, starting with the recovery of an Iomedaean artifact by the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw. An expatriate of Cheliax and paladin of Iomedae, herself eager to reclaim her family’s name, rounds up an army of crusaders and marches on Citadel Dinyar, the Order of the Godclaw’s home, and soundly defeats the Hellknights to reclaim the potent holy artifact. The call of the Glorious Reclamation spreads
like wildfire through southern and eastern Cheliax, and House Thrune is quick to react by sending trusted agents out to place the empire’s greatest cities under martial law.

Reisa (Hells's) Rebels

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